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Learn Italian with Maxmondo - Incontro Italiano, l'audio-rivista per conoscere meglio l'italiano e l'Italia - - All about Italy in Italian - This podcast consists of a summary of the full audio version. Visit the website to subscribe to the the full audio and accompanying digital magazine with the transcript, vocabulary and exercises to help you learn Italian and get to know Italy.

Due amici s'incontrano in libreria e parlando del piĆ¹ e del meno scelgono un bel libro da regalare.  :: :: :: Music by Kevin Macleod :: :: ::  Learn Italian with Maxmondo - Incontro Italiano: l'audio-rivista per conoscere meglio l'italiano e l'Italia - This podcast is a summary only. The complete audio and the accompanying magazine are available for download for subscribers in digital format (mp3 and pdf) from the website. The magazine contains the complete transcript of the audio and additional vocabulary and exercises. :: :: :: Tags: learn italian, speak italian, imparare italiano, italienisch lernen, apprendre l'italien, italia, italy

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